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I didn't get the perfect apartment I twittered about the other day, but I got a place that's both more perfect in some ways and less so in others. I'm excited. And ambivalent. *g* But mostly excited.

The new place is a mini-farm, out in the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula. I'm about a mile from the waterfront, seven or eight miles from the nearest thing resembling a town, and nearly twenty miles from anywhere large enough to have more than a single crossroads of retail businesses. Also, I'm about thirty miles from my eldest child (S), whose decision to move away from home and in with her boyfriend is what prompted my relocation.

I like the isolation—I'm kind of a hermit when I'm not online—though I'm less than thrilled with the lack of washer/dryer hookups. There's no real option to put them in, either, because (and here's where it gets scary for city-girl me) the house is served by a well for its water, the wastewater goes into a septic system, and the owner doesn't want to risk overtaxing either of those. I've never dealt with a place this rural, and while I really love it I'm also more than a little afraid I won't be up to the task.

Of course, because I tend to throw myself into things wholeheartedly, I'm already planning a garden and a chicken coop. *g*

The house itself is a tiny two bedroom, but there's a cellar and several outbuildings I can use for storage. One of the outbuildings is a lovely heated studio that's going to house J (S's best friend who's been living with us for the last four years and who might as well be my adopted kid) for the next year, but after that I'm thinking it'd make an awesome place for me to write.

I could also pay an extra $100 a month and rent the barn and pasture that's part of the property, but then I'd be tempted to get a horse or a cow, and I think that I should probably wait and see how dealing with a well, septic system, propane heat, vegetable garden, and chickens goes before I dive into the realm of large farm animals.

The big move is slightly over three weeks away, and I'm doing a pretty good job of breathing through the panic. *g* Monday will see me calling around to local moving companies and getting quotes, and in the meantime I'm sorting and packing and posting things to craigslist and my local freecycle group.

Cross your fingers for me and my new, crazy adventure!


jillian: old-style manual typewriter keys (Default)
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